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Tetri Tower
Tetri Tower. In two very different game modes you can give your best to stack all the tetris blocks using your mouse in...
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Sift Heads World Act 4 Cold Memories
Shorty goes all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will to bring her reinforcements. This epi...
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Memory Swimwear
Test your memory and please your eyes with this game which requires you to clear the cards by matching sets of sexy lad...
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Disney Jigsaw 2
This is a game of Armor Hero series. In this game, the brave Armor Hero need to shoot invaders to defend homeland.
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Naughty Cafeteria
Funny puzzle naughty game. Use your mouse to play. Click on objects around the cafeteria to make events happen. Some ev...
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Totem Destroyer 2
I cant describe how cool and challenging it was to finish this project, over a semester since the first Totem Destroyer...
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Redstar Fall
RedStar Fall.If you like those puzzle games like Totem Destroyer you will also like RedStar Fall: remove all tiles in o...
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Puffball Puzzles
Puffballs are back! Release the puffballs from the palm trees and make sure they will find a way to the crates.
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Dummy Never Fails
Put collision dummies as being a ragdoll to realize your intention, much less pain the higher! Participate in fifty two...
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