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Age Of War
Your mission in Age of War is to destroy the enemy base while surviving all their attacks. The game divided in five dif...
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Tank 2008
You are whats left of a once great civilization and its up to you to finally settle this war by taking on the remaining...
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Horizon Of War
A tower defense game with advanced weapons. You should take care of the invading armies with the help of your advanced ...
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Stick Arena
Play other gamers from across the world in this fast paced multiplayer shooting game. In Stick Arena use a bunch of wea...
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Hobo Brawl
A really hilarious beat em up game. A poor Hobo has been disturbed by the police while he was sleeping. Now is is reall...
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Thing Thing Arena 3
You are specialized bio-weapon, capable of destroying anything that comes your way! Use a wide variety of weapons to he...
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Under Cover
You hired a job as a paparazzi photographer at a worlds famous men magazine. Your first assignement is to make shots of...
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Batman Double Team
In Batman Dynamic Double Team Batman and Blue Beetle team up to save a planet from a space pirates named Kanjar Ro. Fig...
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