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Turbo Tanks
Time for a speedy get-away in this supped up turbo tank. Take this super all-terrain vehicle for a wild chase through t...
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Dragon Ball Kart
Similar to Super Mario Kart in that you want to beat your fellow racers by employing the use of your weapons. Use SPACE...
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Rush Race
You are driving a secret car and you have to fight the evil Dr. Villiante. You have to get through each level and destr...
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Diesel And Death
Race as Death against your rival Diesel in this intense motorcycle racing flash game! Collect weapons throughout the bo...
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Buggy Run 2
Jump over mines and avoid missiles from helicopters as you race across the arctic terrain. Your buggy is durable, but c...
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Mafia Driver
As a Mafia Driver, it is your responsibility to carry out the mobs wishes! In Mafia Driver 2 it looks like your goal is...
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Stunt Bike Deluxe
Surmount all obstacles and dont crash your dirt bike. Unlock new vehicles. Hint: If you get stuck on a level try switch...
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Buggy Run 3
This is Operation Seagul and you are the saboteur on the buggy. Plant the bomb and run away as fast as you can! Reach t...
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Under Cover
You hired a job as a paparazzi photographer at a worlds famous men magazine. Your first assignement is to make shots of...
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