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Blob Burster
You start with 10 drops in your tank. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the blobs so that they grow until they burst. Create c...
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Quick Shot
Bounce and basket the balls! Shoot the ball into the basket at least 10 times in 30 seconds. As you clear every level t...
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Rail Of War
Rail of War is a huge action packed strategy game that will let you fight over 10 massive missions. Every mission unloc...
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Devils And Cupid
The cupid cannot fly in the devils pit, but it can kill the devils with his love cross bow gun. Your objective is to cl...
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The Classroom
You are Alex, a boy that just cant study, so simply you just cheat on tests. The last 10 days of school are here and so...
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Newgrounds Rumble
A high-intensity brawler themed upon Newgrounds and its characters. 10 unique fighters, 11 arenas, and several modes of...
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Steeplechase Challenge
You have to win your ten races of this great horse racing where you have to jump over your fences and you will score de...
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Way Hero Game Of Flash
Press the mouse and draw a line from the top left , to the right of the screen. After drawing the line click the play b...
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Help Swoopa, the seal eat up as many fish as he can while collecting powerups and avoiding deadle landmines. Move your ...
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