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Marios Adventure 2
This is a really nice graphic Mario Adventure. Play through many levels collecting coins and defeating your enemies. 3D...
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Super Mario World Hardcore
This is a great Super Mario game! Mario has a gun he uses to shoot the enemies, with great music in the background.
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Marios Adventure
A nice super mario game, colleting coins as many as you can and kill those enemies. Use left and right arrow keys to mo...
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Mario Combat
In Mario Combat your objective is to help Mario to combat against Koopa, Goomba, and many other enemies. Mario turned i...
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Super Mario Fly
This is awesome mario games. Mario fly on the sky and have firepower to shoot the Goombas, do not forget the mushrooms ...
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Super Mario X
Classic mario game, have fun jumping on goombas, koopa troopas and more. get to the pipe to complete the level.
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Bullet Bill
You are a bullet Bill out to hit both Mario and Luigi,Break the blocks and kill the Goombas while avoiding the platform...
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Luigi 2
Luigi 2, Luigi finally gets a shot to kill some Koopas in Luigis Revenge. Give it a try if you like Luigi.
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Super Mario Flash 2
Super Mario Flash 2: Lead Mario through Goomba valley, Pipe city, use arrow key to control Mario.
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