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Paparazzi Princess
The celebrities are always surrounded by paparazzis. In this game you select a celebrity, an outfit for her and also a ...
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Sonic Character
Take a break from those Sonic adventures and indulge yourself in creating your very own Sonic character with customized...
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Sweet Mermaid Dress Up
The loveliest mermaid in all the land. Shes a girly girl and her outfits match her personality perfectly.
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Costume Dress Up
Cute girl and some finest costumes make up the game. Get the girl to wear the costumes that match her personality the m...
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Emo Mania
Emo fashion does no longer mean dark colors and aggressive clothes, now its all about eccentric outfits and bright colo...
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Vip Party Girl Dress Up
Its a fancy VIP party at which this beautiful girl has been invited together with movie stars and personalities from ar...
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Popstar Dressup V2
The star of the town is this pop star. She and her music are quite famous in the area and it is because of her good voi...
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Qbeez Whirled
Just get em together and click, click, click! QBeez - the puzzle game with personality!
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Lizzie Mcguire Dressup
Lizzie McGuire is quite into fashion and she always gets help from the best fashion designers to do her clothing. Today...
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