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Counter Force
Chose between your powerful sniper rifle or your rapid shot pistol to help you take down as many terrorists in Counter ...
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Counter Strike
Get ready to test your shooting skills in Counter Strike Training Grounds! Pick up your pistol and get ready to blast a...
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Pistol Training
Pistol training game, shooting with 3 types of pistols and find if you have enough skillful to go through all three lev...
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A nice flash remake of the famous old game Doom. Doom is notable for the weapons arsenal available. You start armed onl...
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Homage to Hitman, Hitstick is a shooter game with awesome graphics and 4 exciting settings around the world. Select bet...
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Ricochet Kills 2
Shoot with your pistol and take down all the ragdoll mobsters around there! Make your shots carefully as they are limit...
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Sift X Mess
Well Vinnies girlfriend is back and she brought the holiday spirit with her!! Shorty is sifting more heads than ever, w...
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Blazing Squad 3
Blast as many targets as you can within the time limit. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Use the R key to reload and pre...
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Spec Ops
War On Terrorism 2, there have 4 Mission Briefing hold at different countries, just be careful not to shoot at unarmed ...
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