Traffic Slam Game
Traffic Slam
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Cause as much damage as you can with your car. Crash into busses and offices or use the Detonator power up for an explosive finale!

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I Love Traffic
Send all cars from all directions through the intersection! Guide speeding cars through increasingly busy intersections...
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Train Traffic Control
Control the train traffic and keep them from crashing into each other. Change their tracks and more.
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Air Traffic Chief
Navigate the planes without crushing and land them safely on one of the two runways. Land the helicopters on the circle...
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La Traffic Mayhem
Traffic in Los Angeles is not good. Manage the traffic lights and take care of the traffic. Click on the traffic lights...
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Space Traffic Chief
Humans have moved on since the times of simple air travel. Now were in space, and managing the traffic is a very hard t...
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Red Driver 2
You are the driver of an awesome red sports car. You have to complete certain challenges such as driving for as far as ...
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Spongebob Delivery Dilemma
Delivery Dilemma is a very cool game, you will be helping Sponge Bob drive his hamburger car so he can arrive at his de...
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Midnight Race
Midnight Race is a racing game of endurance! Your car is outta control and you must weave through traffic to not only a...
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Extreme Racing 2
Race your way to glory by showing off your ability to stay on the racing track for all of 90 seconds. Its not as easy a...
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